Configure, Train & Deploy intelligent chatbots in minutes with zero coding efforts.

I can learn any subject in any format.
Try with these examples...

  • How to start machine learning?
  • What is regression?
  • How to do clustering?
  • Calculate my BMI
  • I want to do covid19 risk assessment

  • Q&A Bots

    Train the bots with simple csv files with question and answers. We use state of the art language models to generalize the questions, hence the bots can understand the variations in user questions.

    Document Search Bots

    Upload and train the pdf documents directly. Our machine reading comprehensive technology will help the users to do semantic search on large document contents and retrieves most relevant results with page numbers.

    Conversational Bots

    Conversational AI is complex area of research. We have simplified the development process with Statistically Optimized Conversational Schema (SOCS) in simple excel or csv files to build complex conversational bots.
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